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Welcome to ODTÜSyllabus

The aim of this Syllabus program is to inform the students about the main issues in relation to a course such as information about instructor, time and place of the course, topics to be covered, course objectives and learning outcomes, instructional methods, and grading. For further information about the ODTÜSyllabus components, please refer to this document.

You can login to ODTÜSyllabus with your METU user-id and password. For ODTÜSyllabus User Guide, please refer to this document.

NOTE1: Please refer to this document if you are assigned as a "Section Coordinator" ("Yönetici") for the multi-section courses having a shared syllabus.

NOTE2: Please refer to this document if you are a department chair and you want to evaluate the "Program outcomes matrix" for the non-departmental must courses.

For your questions, you can contact us by emailing syllabus@metu.edu.tr