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Course Learning Outcomes

Ability to understand the working principles of turbomachines and use the terminology in turbomachinery industry.

Ability to compare the performance characteristics of turbomachines.

Ability to use similarity principles on turbomachinary and have application due to the requirements.

Ability to select proper turbomachines for given pipe systems considering the cavitation and  combine them according to the demand.

Ability to simplify the fluid flow problems and obtain inviscid flow equations.

Ability to solve elementary two dimensional potential flows and apply superposition techniques and

method of images.

Ability to understand and solve ideal flow around objects that are completely immersed in a fluid.

Ability to simplify the equations of motion for a viscous flow.

Ability to solve simple  boundary layer problems and discuss the flow behavior over solid surfaces.

Ability to evaluate drag and lift forces on a solid body.

Ability to understand the compressible flow behavior.

Ability to analyze 1D isentropic flow in variable area ducts.

Ability to analyze normal shock waves .

Ability to estimate the performance of converging and converging-diverging nozzles.