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Course Objectives

This course aims to teach how to approach data analysis and interpretation. Building upon the content of the PSYC 116, the course will teach students how to use an appropriate statistical analysis on a given dataset and how to use statistical software to conduct the statistical tests. Additionally, the course will teach how to generate APA-style tables and report the statistical results.

The theoretical sessions of the course will follow the content of the PSYC 116. After a brief refresher about the basic concepts such as probability, sample vs. population, t- and z-tests, the theoretical session will teach the assumptions and rationale of ANOVA tests, correlation and regression, and some of the non-parametric tests. The concepts of power, effect size, and confidence interval will be covered. Along with students, the teaching of the statistical tests will be reinforced by conducting hands-on statistical tests on various datasets.

The laboratory sessions of the course will focus on teaching how to use statistical packages to conduct statistical tests covered in the theoretical sessions in the same week and in previous weeks. The laboratory sessions aim to utilize JASP and/or SPSS. The laboratory sessions will teach students data entry, data analysis, interpretation of the results, and data/results presentation.