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Program Outcomes Matrix

Program Outcomes Level of Contribution
0 1 2 3
1 To follow current theoretical discourses and discussions on regional development and to have the knowledge to use them with respect to regional policiesa nd planning practice.
2 To have adequate knowledge accumulation that can enable them to get expertise in different fields of regional development and planning.
3 To define the problems of regions, the main causes of different problems and to define possible methods in order to solve problems in a systematic way by using their skills and knowledge on regional planning.
4 To be able to follow and evaluate new knowledge, new debates and new practices on regional development, planning and other related subjects.
5 To be able to use English competently that is necessary for making international joint work and building international networks and to follow international publications and innovative projects in his/her field.
6 To have occupational capacity and expertise to realise different types of projects and plans with an utmost quality.
7 To undertake responsibility to carry out and organise work on regional planning projects and other spatial planning studies.
8 To be able to use the different views of the participants of planning processes in stating priorities in planning and policies and outlining the solutions.
9 To be able to disseminate and share the findings of his/her work to others.
10 To have social responsibility and occupational ethics.