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Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students are expected to;

·         describe the structure of schooling in Turkey

·         explain the legal bases for Turkish National Education

·         acknowledge the code of ethics in teaching profession

·         identify the legal bases concerned with the teaching profession

·         explain basic and related concepts of education

·         discuss the aims and forms of education

·         describe the relationship among the basic concepts of education

·         identify teachers' professional skills and abilities in teaching

·         define effective teachers including their personal attributes and characteristics

·         discuss the role of problem solving and reflection in teaching

·         explain different philosophies of education

·         interpret the social issues affecting students and schools

·         review the psychological theories affecting educational practices

·         identify the basic issues and problems of the Turkish Education system and schooling

·         suggest solutions to the problems of Turkish education and schooling

·         respect teaching as a profession

·         appreciate the role of education and teaching profession in the society