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Course Objectives

Course Aims & Objectives

English 311 is designed to enhance students’ competence to make successful career plans and explore their skills, values, personalities, interests and future expectations and express them in written and oral forms successfully in academic contexts. Furthermore, the course aims to equip students with on-the-job skills such as socializing, telephoning, meeting, making presentations and writing business e mails. Thus, the course aims to have students practice the skills and build an awareness and realize the importance of the concepts listed below


Engaging in and maintaining conversation in various social situations

Performing well in an interview

Presenting information in an organized way

Asking and answering questions

Reflecting on an idea

Taking part in discussions on various topics

Holding and attending meetings 



Listening/ viewing for specific information & note taking


Corporate / Organizational Culture

Cultural Differences & intercultural competence

Ethics at the workplace


Reading for specific information 

Identifying different opinions

Evaluating different viewpoints 

Making connections between ideas


Expanding vocabulary & activating passive vocabulary

Using language concisely and precisely

Writing: Writing official documents for application: Emails, Cover Letter, CV, Statement of Purpose (SoP)/ Letter of Intent (LoI), Application form