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Program Outcomes Matrix

Program Outcomes Level of Contribution
0 1 2 3
1 Foundations: Our graduates acquire high level knowledge in the areas of basic sciences, mathematics and engineering and apply this knowledge to engineering problems of different difficulty levels.
2 Depth: Our graduates specialize at advanced level in one of the various fields of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, they are informed about current scientific research topics, and they learn, develop and implement innovative and novel methods.
3 Breadth: Our graduates get advanced level knowledge not only in their own areas of specialty but also in other related areas in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and/or relevant areas in other disciplines; and they utilize this knowledge in solving interdisciplinary problems in an efficient and innovative manner.
4 Research: Our graduates acquire skills to conduct advanced level and independent scientific research by accessing contemporary knowledge in their specialty areas; they provide innovative and novel contributions to the world of science and technology; they publish the results of their research in respected national and international scientific journals.
5 Life-long learning: Our graduates keep developing and pursuing life-long learning habits.
6 Communication skills: Our graduates concisely communicate their ideas and work related results in written and oral form.
7 Ethics: Our graduates internalize and implement rules of professional, research and publication ethics.