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Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

1. Point out the importance of mine ventilation in mining and outline the mine ventilation system design approach.

2. Explain constituents and psychrometric properties, and behavior of air and related gas laws and also formulate and solve problems related to gas laws.

3. Characterize old ventilation techniques, the importance of auxiliary and natural ventilation and examine natural ventilation pressure.

4. Understand different pressure and airflow measurement techniques and determine the pressure and differential pressure between two points.

5. Describe the flow of air and predict the frictional and shock losses in ducts and airways.

6. Establish and solve serial, parallel, and complex ventilation networks applying equivalent resistance, Kirchhoff’s Laws and Hardy-Cross Iterative techniques and implement simulations using computer program.

7. Understands economics of mine ventilation and optimize the shaft diameter to minimize the overall ventilation costs.

8. Perform experimentation, interpret the results, and write a technical report.