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Course Objectives

English 311 is a learner-centered, integrated-skills-based course designed to equip students who are nearing their graduation with the essential skills they need during the process of application and while performing on the job. To this end, the course is designed with a theme-based, cyclical, and communicative syllabus format, where all four skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing are practiced. The emphasis put on building self-awareness in terms of their skills, interests, personality traits, values as well as social, ethical, and cultural issues will help students explore and master the steps taken in the process of entering the domains of work-life after graduation. 

English 311 is designed to enhance students’ competence to make successful career plans and explore their skills, values, personalities, interests, and future expectations and express them in written and oral forms successfully in academic contexts. Furthermore, the course aims to equip students with on-the-job skills such as socializing, telephoning, meeting, making presentations, and writing business emails. Thus, the course aims to have students practice the skills and build awareness and realize the importance of the concepts listed below: 



Writing paragraphs, and official documents for application: