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Course Learning Outcomes

1. Ability to understand basic concepts relating to sensing, measurement, A/D conversion 

2. Ability to interface sensors to microcontrollers or computers 

3. Ability to interface sensors and actuators to computers 

4. Ability to choose proper microcontroller for specific tasks 

5. Ability to program select microcontrollers at an introductory level to support small scale designs 

6. Ability to understand basics of actuation 

7. Ability to interface actuators to microcontrollers or computers 

8. Ability to learn about various companies and their products 

9. Ability to acquire signals (image, sound etc.) and analyze it via software tools introduced (such as MATLAB, PYTHON) 

10. Familiarity with basic image processing concepts 

11. Ability to integrate image and sound into a mechatronics design 

12. Ability to implement basic search methods 

13. Ability to integrate learning and decision making tools (such as MATLAB, PYTHON) with practical applications