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Program Outcomes Matrix

Program Outcomes Level of Contribution
0 1 2 3
1 Ability to establish connections between the discipline of architecture and its related areas of competence, with the cultural and social aspects of architectural production. X
2 Gaining, evaluating and applying the technical, aesthetic and ethical dimensions of the knowledge and values of architecture with a scientific and critical approach. X
3 Making analysis and synthesis of data by employing theories, methods and currents of thought that aid in the identification and solution of architectural design problems. X
4 Developing creative and original ideas into the stages of theoretical design, projects, application and evaluation of architectural services and realizing them independently as well as in a team. X
5 Being able to effectively use the traditional and digital communication technologies and visual expression tools. X
6 Providing leadership to achieve synthesis through a productive coordination of the scientists and professionals of different disciplines taking part in the formation of the built environment. X
7 Being open to lifelong education by internalizing world experiences related to architectural thought and applications and following new developments. X
8 Understanding the requirements of environmental, cultural and economic sustainability in both global and local scales and considering them in all professional activities. X
9 Defending the society's rights to shelter, within nature and city applying universal principles and resisting applications that are against professional ethics and laws while creating unique solutions and putting them into practice. X
0: No Contribution 1: Little Contribution 2: Partial Contribution 3: Full Contribution