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Course Objectives

English for Academic Purposes I is an introductory course that aims to equip students with the basics of reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills that are essential for academic life. Following a discovery learning approach, the course is designed to help students gain insight into text organization, APA style for referencing, idea development, cohesion and coherence, style and register of any given academic source as well as prompt analysis and formulating a response in line with the given prompt. In conjunction with a focus on academic conventions and style, the course also intends to develop the students’ critical thinking skills, encouraging critical evaluation and analyses of the academic texts. The ideas in the given sources will be later used by students extensively in their writing to formulate an argument and support ideas, as well as in their class discussions to employ sound reasoning and to effectively articulate opinions by reacting and referring to the arguments in oral discourse. Typical classwork of ENG 101 contains a close reading of texts and discussion sessions, analyses of listening passages and selected videos, individual and/or group presentations, and individual writing assignments where the students practice all three stages of writing, that is prewriting, writing, and rewriting. 


The overall aim of this course is to develop students’ academic writing skills through reading, listening, and speaking, which serve as input for writing.