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Course Learning Outcomes

1. Understanding of general framework of the design problem.

2. Practicing brainstorming.

3. Ability to design towards a new product/solution.

4. Ability to design towards improving an existing product/solution.

5. Understanding that intuitive solution is not necessarily a valid solution.

6. Ability to divide a design process into conceptual and functional sub-problems and analyze potential problems in them.

7. Experience in a ground-up design process.

8. Working on a project that involves knowledge of several disciplines (i.e. mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science)

9. Ability to organize my thoughts and effectively summarize and present them.

10. Ability to investigate the feasibility of a design idea based on several parameters (i.e. economical, ethical or ecological)

11. Understanding of factors involved in mechatronic design.

12. Feeling of what it takes to work on an interdisciplinary design project.

13. Ability to systematically analyze a design problem.

14. Realizing the importance of keeping oneself up-to-date.