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Course Objectives

This course is designed as a must course for the second year industrial design students. The aim of this course is to talk about modernism and the modernist assumptions/understanding/teachings behind design, and to make survey of modern design to direct the students to identify/understand/reflect upon the theoretical underpinnings of modernism be it visual, theoretical or in terms of design and/or practice. At the end of this course, the students are expected to be able to reflect upon and discuss the relationship between modernism and design, the situation of industrial design in Turkey, the relationship between politics and design, practice and design, and national identity and design. As the third part of the series, which is offered each year within spring semester, this course covers mainly the time-period after the 1st World War until today, as possible.  The main aim of this part is to survey the route of modern design in general, and industrial design in particular.  The course starts with the emphasis on the developments that led to the emergence of industrial design as a recognized profession in the West, and continues with the emphasis on the historical significance of functionalist debate in design.  Within the cultural framework of the modern world, an effort is worth to put to understand the crucial relations between issues of consumption, rapid development of technology, and changes in meaning and contexts of industrial design.  As it is stated in the previous course description; “To reflect upon those issues will, hopefully, help to place the role of oneself, especially as an industrial designer, generally within the social, technological and consumer culture of today’s system of relations.”.