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Course Learning Outcomes

Having successfully completed this course, the student will be able to:

* Draw two-dimensional sketches, views in CAD environment (particularly in AutoCAD)

* Draw the orthographic views of an object in CAD environment (particularly in Autodesk AutoCAD environment).

* Draw plan and elevation views of a building in AutoCAD environment

* Create solid models of objects; objects in basic shapes, custom built components, building models etc. using the tools of AutoCAD

* Create the solid model of structures in Autodesk Inventor environment

* Create the 1st and 3rd quadrant orthographic views of an object from the solid model (particularly in Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor environments).

* Dimension views, show some annotations, provide the size tolerance of functional features, and general tolerances

* Read the given orthographic views; i.e. visualize the 3- Dimensional model of the object shown to its orthographic views and create its CAD model.

*   Explain and interpret the dimensions and the associated tolerances, some annotations

* Create the solid model of a building, plan, elevation, sectional and detail views in Autodesk Revit environment