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Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

1.1 Identify fundamental electrical quantities, power and energy, circuit elements, sources, Kirchhoff’s Laws.

 1.2 Use network simplifications with nodal analysis, mesh analysis and Thevenin’s Theorem approach.

 1.3 Understand the principles of AC Circuits and AC Power, electrical generation, AC generators, motors, reactances, phasors, three-phase connections, power factor, three-phase power, and transformers.

 2.1 Perform applications related to measurement systems with Wheatstone Bridge, strain gages, and mine trolley haulage systems.

3.1 Practice mine electrical power systems design including mine power cables and cable selection, mine power centers and substations, power distribution systems, load factor, demand, billing schedules and power costs. 

3.2 Choose air compressors, capacity and horsepower requirements, altitude operation and air requirements of compressed air powered mining machinery.

4.1 Propose compressed air distribution networks, pipes, hoses, couplings, valves considering line losses.