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Program Outcomes Matrix

Program Outcomes Level of Contribution
0 1 2 3
1 They have the skill and knowledge to use information technologies.
2 They use information technology to access information, and they analyze, synthesize, and evaluate knowledge by adapting to new situations.
3 They use strategies and techniques based on learning theories and apply them to solve instructional problems in a systemic and systematic way
4 They have skill and knowledge in analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation in instructional design process.
5 They implement learning-teaching methods and techniques in computer education.
6 They have knowledge, skill and competency about computer hardware, operating systems, computer networks and programming languages.
7 They determine measurement and evaluation methods and techniques used in computer education.
8 They have the ability to conduct and present results of intra-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary researches in the field of instructional technology.
9 They comprehend project management processes and implement and present projects electronically.
10 They have critical thinking and problem solving skills.
11 They have social communication and cultural exchange skills.
12 They have legal knowledge, skills and attitudes required for teaching profession and apply them in the learning environment.
0: No Contribution 1: Little Contribution 2: Partial Contribution 3: Full Contribution