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Program Outcomes Matrix

Program Outcomes Level of Contribution
0 1 2 3
1 Fluently and accurately use all receptive and productive English language skills at an advanced level for effective daily and academic communication. X
2 Make appropriate pedagogical decisions in accordance with their particular English language teaching context (i.e. age, setting, location and learner background) based on a contemporary repertoire of language teaching approaches and methods. X
3 Identify and generate solutions for specific language-related problems which learners of English may face at different proficiency levels. X
4 Critically analyze linguistic, literary, cultural and historical issues when selecting, developing and using course materials and assessment instruments. X
5 With self-confidence, effectively communicate with students and other stakeholders in educational settings. X
6 Promote creativity, understanding, cooperation and equity to establish a positive classroom environment. X
7 Engage in reflective teaching, self-evaluation, and ongoing professional development. X
8 Demonstrate awareness of individual, multicultural and psycho-social diversity in learning environments and adapt to different educational systems. X
9 Based on their familiarity with educational sciences, literature and linguistics establish cross-disciplinary connections and develop critical intellectual curiosity. X
10 Design, conduct, and report small-scale educational research projects by employing relevant research methods in investigation of language individually and collaboratively with teachers from local, national or international contexts. X
11 Analyze and address professional challenges based on an awareness of global systems and comparisons of educational systems X
12 Effectively translate a diverse set of English and Turkish discourses considering context specific elements.
13 Select and utilize appropriate instructional technologies and information literacy skills to increase the effectiveness of foreign language teaching. X
14 Develop a critical and multicultural perspective to language and language related issues emerging from global English contexts. X
15 Demonstrate proficiency in the analysis of artistic, literary, philosophic or other works in the humanities through discourse or writing. X
16 In at least one discipline, describe and analyze the cultural and social context of political, economic, artistic, and/or intellectual developments in the United States. X
17 Identify some fundamental aspects of the ideas, history, institutions, religions, economy, society and/or arts of western civilizations and cultures. X
0: No Contribution 1: Little Contribution 2: Partial Contribution 3: Full Contribution