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Course Learning Outcomes

1. Understand how the various parts of a business and its environments interact with the financial decisions of the firm

2. Develop skills in financial statement analysis, pro-forma preparation and performance evaluation by using financial statements

3. Understand the fundamental risk/return tradeoff in finance

4. Acquire the state-of-the-art know-how related to asset pricing by learning the chronological evolution of asset pricing models

5. Understand the essentials of bond and stock valuation and learn how to apply the basic framework to valuation in general

6. Learn the project evaluation process; acquire the technical skills for assessing project alternatives financially; understand the practical difficulties in capital budgeting; identify, analyze, and propose reasonable solutions to these problems

7. Understand the strategic financial decisions of a firm by learning about the dividend policy and capital structure choices

8. Understand the multinational setting in which companies operate and assess the effect of such a setting on corporate financial policies