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Program Outcomes Matrix

Program Outcomes Level of Contribution
0 1 2 3
1 can reach the general and specific knowledge/information, can analyze, crystalize and implement these in conducting scientific research in the field.
2 have compressive knowledge on the up-to-date engineering practices and methods and their limitations.
3 are equipped with the analytical characterization knowledge required in realizing observational/experimental work-based research activities in the field.
4 can clearly define and formulate problems related to the field, and develop exceptional and novel procedures to solve such problems.
5 develop new and/or original ideas and methods; design complex systems or processes and invent novel/alternative solutions in his designs.
6 can work effectively as a member of a team in his own field or interdisciplinary groups, he can be the leader in such formations and offer solutions in intricate cases; can also work independently and take responsibility.
7 can communicate well in spoken and written English effectively.
0: No Contribution 1: Little Contribution 2: Partial Contribution 3: Full Contribution