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Course Learning Outcomes

1.1 Describe the basic factors that affect the supply chain design

1.2 Describe how a company achieves strategic fit between supply chain and competitive strategies

1.3 Define the key supply chain perfomance measures and relate the design decisions to the measures

2.1 Construct mathematical models for network design considering the factors influencing the decisions

2.2 Identify the relevant issues in design of public sector supply chain networks

2.3 Develop an understanding of solution methods for supply chain network design problems

3.1 Identify the components of and assumptions in supply chain inventory planning

3.2 Construct mathematical models for single and multi-echelon inventory planning problems

3.3 Construct mathematical models for inventory problems in centralized and decentralized systems

4.1 Model and analyze the factors contributing the bullwhip effect and identify the remedies

4.2 Identify the major conflicting objectives among the supply chain actors

4.3 Define common supply contracts

4.4 Formulate the interrelated decisions made by different actors under a contract