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Course Objectives

Infrared (IR) sensor technology has been developed to the level of megapixel arrays, and the application area of thermal imaging is continuously expanding.  With the introduction of the lower cost IR sensor technologies, thermal imaging has turned out to be a dual-use technology covering a wide application area including many industrial applications, law enforcement, search and rescue, medical imaging, mine detection, night vision, as well as space based applications. Infrared sensors and thermal imaging are among the major research areas at the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of METU, which has  substantial experience and facilities in this field. The delivery of this experience in addition to the fundamentals in a structured and comprehensive manner will, naturally, be very beneficial for graduate students working in the field toward establishing a solid background for advanced study. When the wide application area of the technology is considered, the course is also expected to be useful for engineers from many disciplines and physicists.The objective of this course is to introduce graduate students to the basics and applications of infrared devices and thermal imaging.