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Course Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

CLO1a- Understand and discuss the ethical, legal and social issues related to the ideas of equality, equity, discrimination, human rights as well as the rights of people with diverse abilities, ages, sizes etc. in using different scales of design products in built environment.

CLO1b-Define and describe design problems of built environment (architectural, product, planning etc.) referring current researches and examples that aim at contributing to the elimination of social , physical, attitudional barriers in the built environment.

CLO2-Classify and discuss architectural, industrial, planning related design problems of the built environment referring to UD principles.

CLO3- Design and provide creative solutions for environmental design problems  for making the built environment universally usable for people of all ages, sizes and abilities referring to UD principles.

CLO4-Represents sensitivity and awareness of idea of diversity in all life, design for all and the right based -ethical concern of people with disadvantages in design works emphasized by the strategies of UD.