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Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course the students will be able to

-List the common and optional structural components of prokaryotic cells

-Distinguish Gram positive and Gram negative bacterial cell walls

-Identify key provisions for bacterial nutrition

-Explain the effects of temperature, oxygen, pH, and osmolarity on microbial growth

-Calculate generation time, number of generations, specific growth rate of microbes in culture

-Outline the process of DNA replication, RNA synthesis and translation in bacteria

-Describe the ways in which regulation of gene expression is realized in bacteria

-Solve problems related to regulation of gene expression

-Design experiments to use the gene expression control processes for biotechnological applications

-Classify the types of mutations Interpret the outcomes of point mutations

-Create problems dealing with the outcomes of point mutations

-Explain how the genetic  coding system works

-Decribe the strategies for genetic material exchange in bacteria

-Distinguish between the chromosome and other genetic elements

-Outline the procedures for gene cloning

-Classify cloning vectors

-Design expression vectors