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Course Learning Outcomes

Three ambitions guide our course curriculum

1. To develop a holistic understanding of Landscape’s myriad of meanings

2. To treat the urban in Landscape terms

3. To practice topic-based research

Course Process: Three challenges and Three Concepts

Landscape research puts up analytic, synthetic and representational challenges. The following items set forth, in brief form, the process you will follow to meet these challenges throughout the course. It also introduces three landscape concepts central to our process.

- The concept of unbound site prompts considering not solely the territories under direct control, but the more extensive physical, social and temporal arenas impacted by actions.

- The concept of infrastructural inversion emphasizes the ecological, social, cultural and political agenda over the technical and technological, the organic over the rational, reminding that infrastructure’s operation within ecological complexities cannot be reduced to measures of its functional utility and efficiency.

- The concept of territorial time invokes the complexity of ever-shifting dynamics of fixed territories that involve physical and non-physical systems that designers must consider in their thinking.