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Course Objectives

Course objective 1: Students will comprehend power quality problems and their sources.

   Student Learning Outcomes:

1.1Learn definitions of power quality parameters

1.2Learn the reasons and the sources of the power quality problems

1.3Get familiar with the standards on power quality parameters

Course objective 2: Students will be able to apply power and power quality monitoring algorithms.

   Student Learning Outcomes:

2.1Learn computational methods to calculate active and reactive power

2.2Learn how to calculate flicker

2.3Learn FFT for calculation of harmonic components

2.4Get familiar with the power quality monitoring systems

Course objective 3: Students will be able to propose solutions for power quality problems.

   Student Learning Outcomes:

3.1Learn the shunt and series compensation methods

3.2Gain the knowledge on the types and the design of passive filters

3.3Get information on the active power filters

3.4Learn Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS)