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Course Learning Outcomes

1. communicate major scientific principles linking innate and adaptive immunity

2. describe common operational principles pertaining to self versus non-self discrimination

3. describe how self-tolerance develops and break-down of tolerogenic mechanisms

4. analyze the mucosal immune system and identify how microbiota affects development of the immune system and modify responses

5. describe primary and secondary immune deficiencies

6. understand allergy and 4 different types of hypersensitivity reactions

7. understand the development of various autoimmune diseases and mechanisms that underly the pathology

8. describe transplant rejection (acute and chronic) and fetal tolerance; identify major tolerogenic mechanisms at the maternal fetal interface

9. apply critical thinking and creativity in the field of immunotheraputics for the development of vaccines, or treatment of immunodeficiencies, allergies, autoimmune diseases, organ transplant rejection, neurodegenerative diseases and/or cancers.