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Course Learning Outcomes

1. Understand the fundamentals of the design process

2.Gain experience in project management, problem solving, design and simulation tools, standards, ethics and quality concepts.

3.Gain experience on the tools and approaches taught during the lectures

4. Reinforce methodologies and introduce additional design and problem solving approaches,

5..Be able to consult with the studio coordinator (course instructor)

6. Gain experience in inter-team communication and collaboration and the development of engineering standards

7.Gain the ability to apply the project management tools and methodologies on a specific design project.

8. Gain the ability to share responsibilities within a team

9. Gain the appreciation of the need for self and continuous learning 

10.Understand fundamentals of design process such as problem redefinition, idea

generation, idea evaluation

11.Gain experience on problem redefinition, idea generation and ideaevaluation methods

12. Develop the ability to communicate and discuss design ideas

13 Gain the ability to analyze a design problem to resolve interface elements and to develop 

an engineering standard document

14.. Apply creative thinking for the design of a product

15. The ability to share responsibilities within ateam