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Course Objectives

At the end of this course,
1. Students will be able to model a physical system and express its internal dynamics and input-output relationships by means of block diagrams and transfer functions.
2. Students will know the basic control architectures (OL, FB, FB+FF) and also know how to generate and why to use the basic FB control actions (P, PD, PI, PID).
3. Students will know the relationships between the parameters of a control system and its stability, accuracy, transient behavior, tracking ability, disturbance rejection ability, and parameter sensitivity.
4. Students will know how to determine the control parameters for low-order systems in a compromising way under the time response requirements of accuracy, relative stability, and speed of response.
5. Students will be able to determine the frequency response of a control system and use it to evaluate or adjust the relative stability, speed of response, tracking accuracy, and noise rejection ability of the system by means of the Bode plots of amplitude ratio and phase angle variations.