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Course Learning Outcomes

1) Students will be acquainted with basic computer network terminology regarding computer networks and able to comprehend layered network architectures and the layer interfacing.

-Learn names and basic functionality of network devices.  Grasp the hierarchical architecture of Internet

-Comprehend peering and service relations between network layers,  protocols and encapsulation

-Identify the performance metrics for computer networks

2) Students will be able to identify the queuing systems in computer networks and apply M/M/1 Queue analysis to assess the performance of computer networks with metrics of throughput, delay and buffer requirement.

-Identify the queueing systems in computer networks.

-Understand basic parameters and performance metrics for queuing systems in computer networks

-Analyze M/M/1 Queue Systems

-Apply the queuing analysis to computer network systems at different layers

3) Students will be understand the Application, Transport, Network, Data Link   and Physical Layers contemporary TCP/IP based computer networks

-Learn the functionality of the layer with its encapsulation in detail

-Understand the interfaces with the upper and lower layers as well as the peer interfaces.

-Evaluate and analyze the performance of different contemporary computer networking protocols at each layer

-High level network design  by being aware of the layered architecture and end-to-end communication