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Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Course Specific Skills:

1. Develop an insight about self, others and human conditions.     

2. Understand the dynamics behind interpersonal relationships.

3. Develop the ability to relate the findings of psychological research to your life and to important issues in business life, our society and the world at large.


Discipline Specific Skills:

4. Become familiar with research methods in psychology and learn strengths and weaknesses of these methods.

5. Recognize and appreciate how basic theory and experimental findings apply to everyday situations.

6. Demonstrate a general knowledge of the major theories and current findings within each of the research topics covered this semester.


Personal and Key Skills:

7. Improve vocabulary and the concepts of psychology that will help you to study further in the following years.

8. Improve interpersonal relationships in groups.

9. Recognize and value human diversity.