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Course Learning Outcomes

Student, who passed the course satisfactorily will be able to:

- Describe the general outline of the Turkish electrical power system and identify the generation, transmission and distribution systems and principles involved,

- Identify the existing loads, methods of addition of loads, load factor, diversity and simultaneity factors for an existing plant,

- Describe the characteristics of various distributed loads, load growth and future system considerations,

- Prepare tables necessary for the planning of the design of the system with distribution boards,

- Describe the switch-gear used in distribution systems and differentiate between disconnect switch, load-break switch and circuit breaker in application,

- Describe and apply the factors involved in the selection of power cables and protection of cable by switch-gears and fuse-gear,  and provide examples of voltage drop and low voltage system design,

- Describe the characteristics of power and distribution transformers, losses involved, protection gear used for distribution transformers as well as the characteristics of voltage and current transformers.

- Describe the low voltage distribution systems as TN, TT and IT systems,

- Explain the difference between low and medium voltage (MV) distribution systems, distribution voltage levels,

- Design  MV distribution systems with cables and overhead lines

- Describe the medium voltage feeder protection and application of overcurrent relays,

- Discriminate between indoor and outdoor and pole-top substations with the choice of the equipment characteristics

- Learn the switching requirements for the usage of circuit-breakers and load-break switches

- Describe the grounding principles, touch and step voltage and means of protection against electrical shocks

- Describe the internal equipment placement of metal clad and metal enclosed medium voltage panel-boards,

Learn the difference between parallel resonance circuits and power factor compensated systems

- Describe the advantages gained by power factor compensation and the levels required by the Turkish Electricity Authority

- Apply different methods of reactive power compensation and general, group and individual compensation 

- Apply compensation to special loads which are motors and transformers.