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Course Learning Outcomes

This course will strengthen the Civil Engineering Graduate Program greatly as it will be the only course in the area of Hydromechanics that deals with the unsteady flow in closed conduits.

Unsteady flow in closed conduits is very important since it is a phenomenon that may occur in water distribution networks, penstocks of the power plants, water transmission lines between dams and treatment plants, and etc. due to either a malfunction of the system or inadequate operation conditions. Should unsteady flow occur in a system the outcome can be very costly and even deadly. Pipeline may collapse or burst erratically resulting in substantial damages, and human losses in some cases.

It is the least understood subject by the engineers in practice since most civil engineering programs do not have it in their undergraduate curriculum. This is because the subject matter is very complex and involved with advance level of mathematics knowledge. That is why it is more appropriate to teach it in graduate programs.

With the proposed outline, it is aimed to give the students the entire picture of unsteady flow in closed conduits. The topics in the course outline will enhance greatly the students’ motivation and understanding towards unsteady flow in closed conduits. They would appreciate more the consequences of potential causes triggering the unsteady flow. Thus, through the course, they would gain the knowledge of how to avoid and/orcontrol the transient events in hydraulic systems in the cheapest and most efficient ways possible.