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Course Objectives

Objectives: By the end of this course, each of the students will be able to describe and discuss each of the following:

1.  Describe the role and function of individual assessment as a clinical skill;

2.  Define appropriate, proper, and ethical assessment practices;

3.  Evaluate commonly used instruments in light of validity and reliability standards to determine appropriate use in clinical settings;

4.  Select, administer, score, and interpret individual assessment instruments commonly used in counseling;

5.  Select a variety of non-standardized instruments for individual assessment;

6.  Plan, construct, and use a non-test evaluation technique for individual assessment.

7.  Interpret the results of standardized psychometric instruments meaningfully;

8.  Describe the advantages and limitations inherent with psychological and educational assessment.

9.  Utilize a variety of computer applications for the selection, administration, scoring, and interpretation of standardized tests.

 10.  Describe how cultural, ethnic, and social factors influence an individual’s performance on psycho-educational assessments and how these factors influence test score interpretation.