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Course Learning Outcomes

Student, who passed the course satisfactorily will be able to:

Understand and identify components of basic electrical circuits, including independent voltage and current sources, resistors, dependent sources, op-amps,

Apply KCL and KVL to analyze simple circuits,  

Understand electrical power and energy concepts,

Apply nodal and mesh analysis techniques as essential tools for analyzing complex resistive circuits.

Employ alternative ways of analyzing resistive networks such as linearity, superposition, source transformation

Describe the electrical characteristics of energy storage elements (i.e., inductors and capacitors),

Explain and interpret the steady-state and transient conditions in a circuit involving capacitors and inductors,

Describe the  steady-state and phasor-domain concepts and related transformations and employ sinusoidal steady-state analysis techniques on circuits with energy storage elements,

Define and calculate active and reactive power in single-phase circuits and solve practical  power factor compensation problems,

Recognize and describe electrical safety and grounding issues.