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Program Outcomes Matrix

Program Outcomes Level of Contribution
0 1 2 3
1 Having acquired in-depth knowledge in at least one of: computer graphics, audio signal processing, game physics, artificial intelligence, modelling and simulation, human-computer interaction, or computational aesthetics,
2 Having acquired working knowledge on the components of computer games, virtual reality applications, simulators, and educational applications,
3 Having the necessary expertise to apply theoretical concepts in addition to having practical experience,
4 Having the ability to produce novel ideas and solutions,
5 Having the necessary skills to carry out research and implement the results thereof in practice,
6 Having the ability to work as a member of inter- and multi-disciplinary teams and take up leadership roles in such teams when necessary,
7 Having excellent written and verbal skills as well as the capacity to efficiently communicate ideas,
8 Having acquired the knowledge that is independent of current development tools and the ability to use this body of knowledge for learning new tools,
9 Having acquired the skills for lifelong learning and ways of reaching new information when necessary,
10 Having the skills to follow both theoretical and practical scientific and technological developments in the field,
11 Having awareness of engineering and academic ethics, knowing and adopting the fundamental principles thereof.