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Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to develop in the engineering student the ability to analyze a given problem in a simple and logical manner by applying a few fundamental principles for the determination of stresses, strains and deflections of engineering members under the application of various types of loading. The necessary formulas will be developed and the conditions under which they can be applied to the design and analysis of actual engineering structures and machine components will be indicated. At the end of this course, the students will be able to analyze the stresses and strains in axially loaded members; determine torsional shearing stresses and deformations in circular members; compute stresses and deflections due to bending in beams; analyze stresses in two dimensions and understand the concepts of principal stresses and the use of Mohr’s circle for transformation of plane stress; determine stresses in thin walled pressure vessels; apply static design criteria for ductile and brittle materials; distinguish and solve statically determinate and indeterminate problems.