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Course Learning Outcomes

1.1 Explain technical and economic objectives, and benefits of mineral processing.

1.2 Calculate Net Smelter Return for ores and concentrates.

2.1  Describe the particle size in terms of equivalent diameters.

2.2  Calculate shape factors for irregularly shaped particles.

2.3  Draw Gaudin-Schuhmann and Rosin-Rammler size distribution plots, and determine  their parameters.

3.1  Describe size reduction mechanisms and energy-size reduction relationships.

3.2  Describe crushers and grinding mills and explain their operational parameters.

3.3  Apply Bond’s formula to energy calculations and sizing of rod and ball mills.

3.4  Describe the principles of screening process.

3.5  Apply Stokes’ and Newton’s laws for particle movement in fluid media under free-settling and hindered-settling conditions.

3.6  Describe operational principles of sedimentation classifiers, hydraulic classifiers, hydrocyclones, and air classifiers.

3.7  Determine and evaluate screen and classifier performance measures.     

4.1  Calculate element and mineral distributions in various size fractions of an ore sample.     

4.2  Calculate circulating loads in closed-circuit crushing and grinding operations.

5.1 Collect, analyze, and report experimental data.

5.2 Comply with the oral and written safety instructions in the laboratory.