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Course Learning Outcomes

1.1 Describe generalities of mineral concentration separations and the basic concentrating circuit.

1.2 Explain gravity, magnetic, electrostatic and froth flotation separations.

1.3 Classify froth flotation reagents.

1.4 Discuss equilibrium recovery and kinetic aspects of froth flotation.

1.5 Apply thickening and cake filtration theories to the operation of thickeners and filters.

1.6 Calculate clarifier-thickener area from batch-settling data.

1.7 Explain coagulation/flocculation and agglomeration processes.

1.8 Describe, at an elementary level, the unit processes of leaching, solution purification, and the recovery of disolved minerals or metals in aqueous chemical extraction of ores.

1.9 Comprehend the importance of water management and concervation in mineral processing applications.

1.10 Describe the typical tailings and effluents generated as a result of mineral processing and explain the methods of waste and tailings management. 

2.1 Calculate recoveries and distributions of minerals of interest in concentration process streams.

2.2  Assess the technical and economic excellence of a concentration process.

2.3  Draw and interpret washability curves for design or performance measurement purposes in gravity separations.

3.1  Collect, analyze, and report experimental data.

3.2  Comply with the oral and written safety instructions in the laboratory.