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Course Learning Outcomes

1.1  Why energy conversion

1.2  What is a power system

1.3  Electromechanical energy conversion in the overall energy conversion problem

1.4  A short review of power system and assessment of electric power plants in Turkey

2.1  Magnetic circuits and methods of analysis

2.2 Flux linkage, inductance, stored energy and co-energy

2.3 Magnetic materials

2.4 AC excitation and losses

2.5 Design of magnetic circuits containing permanent magnets

2.6 Electrical Safety

3.1 Ideal Transformer

3.2 Practical Transformer and the derivation of its equivalent circuits and induced emf expressions

3.3 Performance calculations: voltage regulation and efficiency

3.4 Variable frequency operation of transformers  

3.5 Transformers in three-phase circuits

3.6 Short-circuit  and open-circuit tests and parameter calculation

4.1 Energy balance equation for quasi-stationary magnetic fields

4.2 Derivation of electromechanical force and mechanical power expressions for translational devices with linear and nonlinear magnetic circuits

4.3 Derivation of electromechanical torque and mechanical power expressions for rotating devices with linear magnetic circuits

4.4 Dynamic equations and analytical solution techniques     

5.1 Structure and operational features of a DC machine

5.2 Induced EMF, electromechanical torque and gross mechanical output power

5.3 Excitation methods

5.4 DC Generators

5.5 DC Motors

5.6 Power flow and efficiency

5.7 Speed control of DC motors  

5.8 Buck and boost type DC/DC converters