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Course Learning Outcomes

First of all in this course, students will learn the basic political developments in the establishment of the Republic of Turkey and social and economic processes in modern Turkey.

The student who passes the course successfully;

*learns how to analyse a historical question according to its fact-incident, time, actors; the assessment of relevant resources such as books, articles as well as movies and literature and to nurture his/her point of view,
*learns how to read and assess an article on a historical problem,
*does research on a historical question by interrelating with the current issues and developments hypothetically,
*learns how to prepare a presentation on a historical question,
*learns critical assessment of facts from different point of views; how to give answers to questions by assertion of historical facts and arguments ; expression of his/her opinion rationally and correctly; and abstraction of facts.

Upon successful completion of this course, the enrolled students will be gaining the following knowledge, skills and competences.