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Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students should understand the following and be able to solve simple problems that involve these.

* Fundemantal dimensions and SI units. Dimensional analysis.

* Basic vector  algebra.

* Kinematics for linear and angular motion.

* The concepts of force and torque, and their relationship to linear and angular motion.

* The concepts of work and energy and their relationship to other mechanical concepts.

* Conservation of energy, linear momentum and angular momentum.

* Analysis of the motion of a system of particles and separation of it into linear, rotational and internal motion.

* (Newtonian) gravitational force and the Kepler motion.

* Friction between two objects in contact, static and kinetic friction.

* Deformation of solids under stresses.

* Oscillation motion.

* Wave motion.

* Basics of fluid motion.

* Sound