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Course Objectives


Students will practise:

identifying key ideas in a text recognizing the relationship between ideas in and among texts identifying the writer’s technique evaluating information by adopting critical reading skills making inferences reflecting on and reacting to the ideas in a text



Students will practise:

listening for a specific purpose listening for main ideas listening for supporting ideas/details listening for implied ideas listening and note-taking recognizing the relationship between a recording and a reading text reflecting on and reacting to ideas in a recording evaluating ideas in a recording



Students will practise:

expressing and justifying their opinion in class discussions reacting to different ideas synthesizing information from different sources justifying their opinions/arguments by providing supporting details



Students will:

use appropriate style, language structures, vocabulary and discourse markers in academic context respond to prompt(s) in academic context follow the stages in process writing approach while writing essays do research evaluate sources for relevance and reliability identify and select relevant sources identify reference information practise using APA citation rules practise borrowing ideas by quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing, and synthesizing.