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Course Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the successful student will be able to:

·    Use appropriate statistical techniques to summarise and interpret numerical data;

·    Calculate unconditional and conditional probabilities;

·    Work with discrete and continuous random variables and their distribution functions;

·    Critically analyse the appropriateness of using different statistical tools in a given situation;

·    Analyse data and work with multivariate probability distributions;

·    Use functions of random variables;

·    Understand the Sampling Distributions, Convergence Theorems, Law of Large Numbers and the Central Limit Theorem;

·    Use different estimation techniques knowing the properties of estimators;

·    Conduct different hypothesis-testing procedures;

·    Work individually as well as in a team and appreciate the importance of attendance, co-operation, contribution and responsibility in completing seminar questions and participating in problem solving classes.Make analysis of variance and estimate regression models;