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Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

Course Specific Skills:

Understand and apply the concept of job performance

Distinguish between task performance, citizenship behaviors and counterproductive behaviors

Identify behaviors associated with each

Understand and apply the concept of work attitudes

Define job satisfaction and organizational commitment

Distinguish between different types commitment

Identify different job facets

Apply job characteristics theory to different jobs

Understand and apply learning and motivation theories

Diagnose work situations to identify appropriate motivational approach

Apply motivation concept to solve performance problems

Compare and contrast different approaches to motivation

Understand sources of individual difference and their impact on employee performance and decision making





Understand factors that improve group effectiveness Understand different approaches to effective leadership

Discipline Specific Skills:

Develop skills in analyzing the performance of individual employees Develop skills in analyzing the performance of teams Develop skills in analyzing effectiveness of organizational leaders

Personal and Key Skills:

Develop teamwork skills Develop  your capacity as an effective leader Develop written and oral communication skills