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Course Objectives

The students who have passed the course will be able to

1. Classify and compare some important aspects of offshore structures such as tension leg platforms, spars, semi-submersibles, and barges.

2. Identify the potential problems such as resonance formation that would be expected in offshore platforms and take the preventive measures to solve them.

3. Perform a project of one of those floating platforms by aiming to use the theoretical knowledge gained in the class.

4. Enhance their writing skills by presenting results in a report.

5. Develop their sense of responsibility to work with other engineering disciplines.

6. Understand the importance of creative thinking and innovations when analyzing such platforms. 

7.  Identify the importance of timely completion of the projects, money saving, cost reduction, and safety issues, etc.

8. Increase awareness of impacts (positive or negative) generated on the lives of people by offshore renewable energy projects.

9. Prepared working in a multidisciplinary team/project.

10. Use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering software tools necessary for engineering practice.