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Course Objectives

This course aims to improve students’ translating abilities and skills from English to Turkish. Students will study and practice the process(es) one usually goes through when doing translation. To this aim, the focus throughout the course will be:

   . to familiarize students with the process of translation,

   . to acquaint them with some basic techniques of translation,

   . to observe the conceptual and structural differences between the two languages,

   . to help them recognize and improve the aspects of cultural knowledge involved in

     translation, and

   . to practice the act of translating texts at different levels (phrase, sentence, paragraph,

     longer texts)

With all these, students will realize that translation is a laborious work, but an enjoying one once they can approach it correctly and use the basic techniques of translation. Most importantly, students will gain confidence when they realize that they can make translations even with the (limited) level of English they have. This confidence will inevitably lead them to put much more effort to improve their knowledge of English and translation skills even after the course ends.