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Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

1. Define the Lean Principles used by Toyota, which are adoptable by any Lean Enterprise

2. Understand the origins of the Lean Project Delivery System and Lean Construction

3. Define the term “value” and explain how to identify value from each stakeholder’s perspective

4. Identify activities that add value and learn to eliminate activities that do not add value

5. Define the term “waste” and explain how to identify waste from each stakeholder’s perspective

6. Learn to eliminate waste from all processes

7. Apply the following Lean concepts to construction enterprises: flow, pull, leveled workload, problem-solving, standardization, visual control, and reliability

8. Identify and apply Lean tools that aid in implementing Lean concepts

9. Explain the Last Planner System, including the five phases of planning, constraints analysis, reliable promising, and progress measurement

10. Understand the close connection between continuous improvement concepts (such as Plan-Do- Check-Act) and Lean concepts