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Course Objectives

In PHYS 400 you are given the opportunity to study a problem important in Physics and important to the instructor which you have chosen to work with.  Your instructor is your mentor, and he/she will guide you in reporting on the problem effectively. Upon completion of this course you will experience what it means to do research in Physics, write a concise scientific report/paper, and present your work to a committee of physicists. Not all problems and work done towards investigating that problem is equal. However, all are important. And what is most important is that you enjoy the subject matter of the problem you are working on. This course does not expect you to solve a new problem and it does not expect for you to become an expert on that problem, what is expected of you is that you understand the problem and are able to explain it to others both in your presentation and report/paper. Some students end up publishing their investigation in a scientific journal, while others continue to work with their instructor at the completion of this course towards this goal. And some others use the experience gained in this course to look for jobs.  PHYS 400 is the first and only time you are given a chance to work independently in Physics. You are given a rare opportunity to show your skill and commitment as a young physicist.