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Course Objectives

1.   define basic terms and phrases associated with human and animal learning;

2.   discuss the function and utility of innate and reflexive behavior;.

3.  define and discuss respondent (classical), operant, and social learning theories.

4.  provide human examples of each of the types of learning identified in #3 above.

5.  Define and discuss what is meant by the term “behavior modification” and explain how                      this is different from learning.

6.  discuss the concept of learning styles.

7.  critically evaluate the evidence for and against the concept of hemispherical dominance.

8.  describe the application of learning theory in the development of a behavioral treatment plan for a counseling client.

9.  discuss and utilize instruments, surveys, and monitoring tools for the assessment of learning, and;.

10.  develop and implement a personal improvement plan (PIP) and evaluate its ultimate